Celebrities That Enjoy Casino Gambling


The Casino, betting and the world of gambling is one that embraces a wide variety of customers both the poor and the rich alike. Even celebrities are not left out of its potential to offer an escape, excitement and a bit of luck.

It is not unusual to see big celebrities and money makers splash their cash on slots, betting and casino betting. So long as the cash keeps coming in, there is no fear in splashing it.

In this article, we are going to look at celebrities that happen to be casino gamblers.

Floyd Mayweather

When we talk about flamboyance and lavishness, Floyd whose middle name is ‘Moneyman’ takes the chunk as the alpha in this lifestyle. Mayweather is an accomplished boxer who has never been defeated before and also a business savvy man. Two things Mayweather does well is boxing and gambling. He has made quite a number of wins in UK slots online casinos and is considered a fairly good gambler.

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Tiger Woods

Considered by many to be one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, Tiger Woods was once the richest athlete alive with a net worth of over $600 million. Tiger Woods had a very successful career. In the casino, he prefers taking a go at black Jack and has been reported to stake as much as $250 000 in just one sitting.

Ben Affleck

It would be impossible to complete this countdown of celebrity casino gamblers without mentioning the Batman himself. This actor and filmmaker is one celebrity that cannot be missed on a gambling table. Unlike most celebrities on this list who gamble just for the fun of it, Ben Affleck is, in fact, a seasoned gambler.

Ben Affleck has a thing for black Jack and poker which he plays with a level of expertise that stuns everyone watching. He has even been tipped to succeed as a professional poker player after his acting career. With his ability on the board, successful gambling campaigns and smart brains, it is easy to see why Ben Affleck is on this list.


Derren Brown

The name Derren Brown inspires a mixture of magic and luck. He is a well-known Illusionist base in England and is famous for his mind-blowing tricks that leave everyone aghast.

Derren Brown is one smart guy gifted in mind and hands. Before taking the stage to perform magic, Brown was an accomplished blackjack player. So successful that he was banned from almost all casinos in Britain. Tales were told that Brown never lost a hand of blackjack and his reputation skyrocketed when he guesses the numbers for British National lottery. A feat that saw him beat a 14 million: one odd. When it comes to Casinos, it is safe to say that Derren Brown is a master gambler.

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John Daly

Daly is another golfer on our list and another blackjack lover. There has to be a connection between celebrity betting and blackjack. It is reported that John Daly squandered $90 million in gambling alone. He later recovered about $30 million leaving him with a $60 million loss. These statistics show that John Daly was not a very good gambler. He loved blackjack and could play 6 hands at a time.


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